Our Success In the Video Industry in San Francisco

SJB Productions specializes in digital communications and video design for the biotech, healthcare and technology industries.
We tell stories that make a difference for patients, companies, employees and investors. Combining sophisticated scientific information with powerful, personal stories, we create
‘out of the box’ digital media to suit your specific needs, be it internet, broadcast, kiosk, sales presentations, town hall meetings
or more.

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Communicate Your Company’s Story
Share your company’s identity and vision and showcase your employees and history through:

  • Corporate and product-based documentaries
  • Corporate and product B-roll packages
  • Historical retrospectives
  • Employee recruitment, onboarding and career development video solutions
  • Tradeshow exhibits
  • Targeted content for social media channels

Capture Your Company’s Culture

Provide a sense of who you are and share your company’s values by highlighting:

  • Employee communications and events
  • Employee recruitment and onboarding
  • A day in the life of your company
  • Innovations, accomplishments and data announcements
  • sBLA filing and FDA approval celebrations
  • Fun and inspirational employee and company stories

Showcase Patient Stories

Chronicle the patient experience with:

  • Passion and vision stories
  • Patient milestones and accomplishments
  • Website stories

Get the Word Out

Inform your audience about:

  • Product and campaign launches
  • Educational awareness campaigns
  • Employee recruitment
  • Major data announcements
  • FDA approvals